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"ryan adasmeI would not say that my OTS experience simply influenced my career choice, it changed my life. In my summer 2004 experience at La Selva I fell in love with tropical field biology and realized that this is the career for me. In my South Africa semester program I gained further experience in field biology and broadened my horizons through the diverse biological and cultural exposure. As a direct result of the international experience gained from the two OTS programs, I was hired as a research assistant by a botanist at NC State and studied fire ecology in Brazil for a summer. My Costa Rica and Brazil research have both yielded publishable results, with plans to submit to the journals Ecology and Copeia. Furthermore, my mentor from the REU program, Craig Guyer, is a top candidate to be my Ph.D. adviser at Auburn University. If I had not had the opportunity to work with him closely through OTS, I probably would not be as certain about my graduate school future and I probably would not be working with such a world renowned herpetologist. ”


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