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 Stay involved OETMore than 1,000 students benefit from our courses each year; courses that reach not only graduate and undergraduate students from the United States, but also students from throughout Latin America and South America; courses that focus on the key issues facing the tropics: from climate change, to global health issues, to infectious diseases, to the impact of humans and agricultural landscapes on natural ecosystems.

Special Gifts

 Special Gifts OETSpecial Campaigns and projects provide support for special initiatives in tropical education, research and conservation. Projects that are being carried out at the stations include: Purchasing Solar Panels at La Selva, Greening Facilities, Acquiring critical Laboratory Equipment, Adopting Trails for Maintenance, Creating Research Fellowships, Building the Las Cruces Land Fund.

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate Sponsors OETWith deep gratitude, OTS acknowledges the following organizations that support the OTS mission: Provide leadership in education, research, and responsible use of natural resources in the tropics.

Legacy Gifts

 Legacy Gifts OETPlease consider incluiding OTS in your will. We can provide you with information that may be help in drafting appropiate language for bequeathing a gift to OTS

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Endowments, Scholarships, Fellowships

 Scholarships OETAn endowment is a restricted gift to OTS, which accumulates interest anually. The OTS fellowship program, education program, and field stations provide excellent opportunities for suporting existing endowments or establishing a new endowment.